Sartorial Talks, Episode 3 Know your Shoes (1/3)


we have the pleasure to inform you that the third episode of our bimonthly rendezvous, ‘Sartorial Talks‘, is now available on our Youtube Channel.

This episode is the first of a mini-series of three, entitled ‘Know your Shoes’. In this mini-series Sonya and I discuss different models of men’s shoes, their styles, origins, features and how to wear them.

These three episodes may interest gentlemen taking their first steps in the fascinating (and complex) world of quality men’s shoes. Nevertheless, we hope that even the shoe addicts among you, who’ve studied almost everything on the subject, will appreciate the series and hopefully learn a little more background about some shoes, including the clarification of certain appellations.

This first episode focuses on the Oxford shoes and their different types : the austerity brogue, half-brogue, full brogue, spectator and whole cut.

You can watch it below :

For those who speak French, you can also watch the French version on the French Youtube channel, as the French and English versions are not completely identical.

We would like to warmly thank you for your enthusiastic feedback on this new initiative for our team. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel (and to invite your friends to do the same) in order to support us in this ambitious project. Enjoy!

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