Sartorial Talks episode 12: who are the best shoemakers in the world?


Episode 12 of Sartorial Talks is now online.

In this episode, I try to answer another complex question I’m often asked : Who are the best bespoke shoemakers in the world ?

Of course, answering this question is a form of torture for me because shoemaking is one of my great passions and I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours carefully studying the subject.

I must also apologize to the fine artisans I may have fail to mention (for example my friend Norman Vilalta in Barcelona and the excellent Yohei Fukuda in Japan), but I did my best to provide a useful overview of some of the great bespoke makers on the planet.

You can watch the episode here and subscribe to the channel if you like it.

Cheers, Hugo

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